My sister drew six Disney Concept Art Inspired pieces for my birthday!!! Kinda of a great gift, if I do say so myself!!!!!

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What a great way to ruin my day.. I thought that today I was going to feel great, feel the support and proudness from you but it ends up being the total opposite. & for it to be over something so little and stupid makes it even worse. My make up was done and now it’s just a total mess. I’m just so sad that idk how to get through with this day that I’ve been waiting for and it’s just ruined over a little thing I didn’t do for you.




That is a massive man and a fearless dog!

That is why I love dogs

Awww, what good dogs! Well good intentions.

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I have been hiding my emotions but inside I’m a wreck. I just can’t stop thinking about what happened, what I did, what could’ve happened and etc. I just want it to go away but as the day comes closer it just hurts more and more. Regrets is what I feel but what happened is what happened. And I just have to finally accept it.

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I hate thinking about my past, only because there was more negative moments than positive. I try not to think about them but there are times when something or someone just reminds you of that dreadful memory and it just brings back all that pain all over again.

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